The FP&A Learning System applies to the 2019A window of the FP&A Exam. You can find preparation materials for the 2019B-2024A windows at

Flexible. Customized. Focused.

Prepare to pass the Certified Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Professional (FP&A) exam with the AFP Financial Planning & Analysis Learning System™. This interactive review program combines printed books, e-books, and online testing tools to provide comprehensive and flexible training to FP&A candidates worldwide. It teaches and reinforces the five knowledge domains that are outlined in the FP&A Certification Test Specifications in a flexible, on-demand format. That is why it’s the preferred resource for budgeting, planning and forecasting professionals.

Whatever your learning style, you’ll find ways to test your knowledge and build confidence with the AFP FP&A Learning System. Prepare to pass the FP&A certification exam and arm yourself with critical tools and knowledge to excel in your finance career. Get started today by trying the free demo!