Finance professionals around the world have trusted the AFP FP&A Learning System to help them pass the FP&A exam. Here’s what current FP&A designees have to say about earning this prestigious credential.

  • The Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credential sets you apart from other Finance and Accounting professionals working in this highly visible segment. It adds to your personal brand as an expert in these areas.

    Jenny Okonkwo, FP&A
    FP&A Consultant Transform Consulting Inc.
  • There’s no doubt I’m continuing in my role with a better understanding, increased confidence and all-round knowledge base. It helped me look at things differently. I’ve no doubt it has made me more employable, as well as more rounded.

    Cliff Jackson, FP&A
    Financial Analyst BP
  • The FP&A credential has helped my career thus far as it provides further proof of my expertise in FP&A. With the certification, I was recently promoted from Manager to Senior Manager.

    Aaron Ling, FP&A
    Senior Manager La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology
  • I’m a big advocate for the FP&A certification. It’s something that’s definitely needed in the industry. The certification is very applicable to what FP&A is right now and what it is going to be in the future.

    James Morales, CFA, CTP, FP&A
    FP&A Manager US Gas & Electric
  • I was sought out because I had the certification, and I was given a promotion right away. The certification gives you a tag that you’re an expert in the profession.

    Stephanie Guevarra, FP&A
    Financial Planning Manager Genoa Healthcare
  • My career took off when I earned the FP&A certification – I moved into a controller and director of finance position. There’s no other certification like it.

    Jake Bailey, III, FP&A
    Controller and Director of Finance Tana Exploration

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