Course Topics

The AFP Treasury Learning System provides the most comprehensive and effective CTP training program through a blended format of learning modules (available in print or e-reader format), learning software and Web-based study tools. This program teaches the entire content of the Essentials of Treasury Management, 5th edition.

Module One: Introduction to Treasury Management

  • Chapter 1: Role of Treasury Management


Module Two: The Treasury Management Environment

  • Chapter 2: Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Chapter 3: Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Chapter 4: Payment Systems
  • Chapter 5: Money Markets
  • Chapter 6: Capital Markets
  • Chapter 7: Relationship Management and Financial Service Provider Selection


Module Three: Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Chapter 8: Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Chapter 9: Financial Planning and Analysis


Module Four: Working Capital Management

  • Chapter 10: Introduction to Working Capital
  • Chapter 11: Working Capital Metrics
  • Chapter 12: Collections, Contributions, and Distributions
  • Chapter 13: Short-Term Investing and Borrowing
  • Chapter 14: Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Chapter 15: Technology in Treasury


Module Five: Risk Management

  • Chapter 16: Enterprise Risk Management
  • Chapter 17: Financial Risk Management
  • Chapter 18: Treasury Policies and Procedures


Module Six: Financial Management

  • Chapter 19: Long-Term Investments
  • Chapter 20: The Capital Structure Decision and Management